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Travertin Dinnertables
Minimalistic shapes, natural materials and decades old craftmanschip. Travertin tables, made to last. Made for the center of your dining area.

Travertin Dinnertables

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Travertin is a natural stone, mostly mined in the mountains of Italy. The stone has a beautiful beige color, which comes in lighter and darker, shades. Depending on where it is mined, one will see different structures, and tints. Almost every tint of Travertin, despite its warm- or coolness, radiates a sense of calmness. As a natural stone with a sandy color, it has the ability to serene a space in an almost magical way. The wide application of Travertin in tables, kitchens, bathrooms, floors and show its versatility. Travertin is more popular than ever and is the interior trend of this moment.

Travertin Salontafel MEYA Studio
MEYA Studio

Made in Italy

Quality is our first priority. Al our natural stone is sourced from Italy's best mines and is sourced in a fair way. Every piece of stone is manually selected, to ensure high quality and consistency. Furthermore our stone is processed witouth the use of heavy chemicals. Every product is made by craftsman with over 25 years of experience of working with natural stones. A combination of decade old craftmanship and the latest machenery, ensures that you only get the most perfectly created products.