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Travertin Maintenance
Keeping your stone beautiful

Travertin Maintenance

Travertin is, just like many other natural stones, naturaly porous. Because of this reason it is important to treat your Travertin carefully. Prevention plays the biggest role in the maintanence of your Travertin products. It is important to prevent the exposure to sours, from sourly drinks for example. They attacked the polished layer and can cause stains. If you do bring the Travertin in contact with sours, it is important to take this away as quickly as possible. This can be done with a moisty wipe. By doing this, the sours will have less time to damage the polished layer.

Travertin Salontafel MEYA Studio
MEYA Studio

Impregnating Travertin

In contrast to many other natural stones, it is not by definition needed to impregnate your Travertin. However, we do recommend doing this, since this might make your furniture more sustainable. Travertin gets filled up with epoxy, which closes the caracteristic holes. This causes the caracteristic wavy patterns and makes sure that crumbs and dust have no chance of entering the holes. In case that you do want to impregnate your Travertin, we recommend the following product: