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MEYA Travertin Salontafels

Design Principles

Calmness, inspiration and positive energy -

In the hectic society that we live in today, it is important to find time and space for relaxation. At MEYA we strongly believe that your environment plays a big role in this proces. Al designs at MEYA are based on a number of principles. By holding on to these principles, we try to make items that improve your life, bring a sense of calmness and positive energy. This all, so that you get the most out of yourself, every day.

Timeless design

At MEYA we do not believe in fast paced design. We believe in furniture that lasts for years, if not for centuries. Design that lasts in every season, resistant from trends and seasons. In a mission towards more sustainability, we aim to make furniture that lasts for decades. Timeless vintage designs get reinvented and are being kept as simple as possible. In this way you do not need to renew your interior regularlt and like this we limit the environmental impact. Eventually, good design lasts forever.

Bring a piece of nature in your interior

MEYA originated from an appreciation for natural stone and other natural materials. MEYA allows you to bring a piece of nature in your interior, which creates a special athmosphere. Interesting shapes, textures and colors, will color your interior in a way no other material can do. By bringing a piece of nature in your interior, we hope to awaken a sense of appreciation for the nature.

Wabi Sabi

MEYA's designs are made in the light of Wabi Sabi, a Japanese philosophy. The power of imperfection and transcience play a central role in Wabi Sabi. Natural stones in general, and therefore also Travertin, are naturally imperfect and transcient. These imperfections give a special caracter to the items, which tell the story of the Italian landscape. From geological shifts, to fossils and life under the surface, your Travertin tells countless of imperfect stories, which makes them so perfect.