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MEYA Studio Travertin Tafels

Behind the Scenes

Welkom behind the scenes at MEYA Studio. We will take you on a journey to the origins of our brand.
MEYA was founded in 2021 by Ilija Ivankovic. While looking for the perfect stone table, contacts with local Italian stone dealers got established. Impressed by the endless possibilites, structers, colors and tones of natural stone, a quick obsession with stone began to develop. Inspired by the endless possibilities, one table grew out in a collection quickly. After countless experiments, the first collection of MEYA slowly started to take shape. MEYA's first collection was Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese deisgn, which both focus heavily on simplicity. The design was supposed to be as minimalistic as possible, witouth leaning towards boredom. Vintage models got retouched and straight lines were being combined with organic shapes. All of this in order to provide you with the most beautiful items. Now, just a few months after going live, the respons has been amazing. Our fanbase is slowly growing and many great projects are going to take place in the future. Furthermore, we've started with MEYA custom, which provides custom stone projects, like kitchens (more info soon on this one). We can only mention that this was just the start and it seems like many beautifull things are going to happen soon.
Stay tuned, Ilija MEYA Studio